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Skull Church – Good Friday

Skull church this month was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

To celebrate Good Friday, Fresh Life Church booked the Majestic Valley arena and invited one of my favorite bands, RED to perform the after party.




The line to get in the building was crazy and it was freezing outside, well freezing to me, just cold to most anyone else.


The set-up was incredible from the front entrance, to the stage, lighting, giant projection screens; such a commitment to excellence.



The event opened up with insanely talented Skull Church Band.


The house was packed!


And a powerful message delivered by Levi Lusko brought over 200 people to make commitments of faith. People were flooding the stage before he even invited them to come forward. Through my tears I knew I was seeing a moment I would never forget. Read from Levi’s perspective HERE!



Oh, and the after party….I was so excited. Of course they rocked it because that is what Red does but I was so impressed with how powerfully they share the gospel. It was very clear that they have an amazing heart for God.

Not as powerful as WHAT he had to say but one of my favorite moments was singerĀ Michael Barnes talking to the crowd and you could see the steam coming off his head.


Thank you Fresh Life for this amazing experience. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing such a powerful event to the Flathead Valley; I will never forget it.

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