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Merry Christmas from Our Family

We love Christmas and are excited to spend it at home with our family. This Christmas we are holding each other a little tighter and truly valuing our kiddos. Our heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones this holiday season. We have no idea what you are going through or how it feels to walk in your shoes but we are praying for you. Life is short, like a vapor Solomon would say. So this holiday season, more than ever, our prayer is that you truly appreciate the life you have been given, that you don’t waste a single moment on things that don’t matter, and that if you don’t know the love of Jesus in your heart that you will seek Him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Love the Benson Family


Here is a small look into what our 2012 looked like:

JANUARY = starting the year with lots of sledding, hot cocoa, and puzzles!

FEBRUARY = Dave and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary and I got my new camera!


MARCH = Peyton turns 4! – she got all beautified at the salon with auntie Joey and took a few friends to the movies.


APRIL = Shawna’s 2 year anniversary photographing for Fresh Life Church. Dave and Shawna got to serve at the most epic Easter event ever. Red performed at Skull Church Friday night, For King and Country on Easter Sunday, and hundreds of people came forward to accept Christ as their Lord. Corban and Peyton had a blast at Jenn’s house for Easter egg hunts and yummy food.

MAY = Peyton’s 1st dance class. She was not a fan of tap or ballet but loved to tumble. Looks like the chances of a future cheerleader are much larger than a future ballerina.


JUNE = Corban and Peyton start swim lessons at the MAC. They love it!

JULY =  to celebrated 2 years in our home we got a puppy! This was Miley at 6 weeks old:

AUGUST = Corban turns 6! He had a beach party with his friends

SEPTEMBER = Corban started Kindergarten at SwanRiverSchool, Bigfork, MT.


Before his first day we took him to the maze for a end of the summer fun day!


OCTOBER = Officer Corban and Kitty Cat Peyton hit the streets of Bigfork for Halloween

NOVEMBER = Peyton and Mommy road trip it to Spokane to visit Uncle Jerry and Aunt Enola

DECEMBER = said goodbye to Britches after 21 years 🙁


Christmas photos coming soon!

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