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Inspiration Day: Tom and Hazel

How great it is to capture LOVE 50 years in the making <3

For someone who spends a lot of time with couples who have recently fallen head over heels it is a great honor to have the opportunity to capture the love of a couple who have “been there done that” and still have the passion for each other as a newlywed couple on their honeymoon would have.

When Hazel contacted me to book her session and said “Shawna, I need you to photograph our anniversary photos and I want you to capture who we really are” I was so excited. This is a couple that has had a positive impact on my life since Jr High when Hazel was my English teacher. To have the opportunity to give back to her and her husband Tom even a tiny bit of what they have given me was a priceless opportunity I will not forget.

Both Tom and Hazel sent me testimonials from the session I am so grateful for. Just getting to spend an evening with them and capture their love for each other was enough for me but this was the icing on the cake for sure. Thank you Tom and Hazel for your kind words…love you both!

“We just received our finished photos from Shawna Benson Photography in Bigfork.

What an amazing experience this has been!

We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on Oct. 25th, so we decided to have

a professional photographer to mark the occasion. From the moment Shawna

arrived at our house, we knew we were in for a treat! The only professional pictures

we’d had taken previously included our three girls when they were little, so we were

a bit apprehensive. We needn’t have worried. The fall colors were gorgeous, so we

just walked around our place and let Shawna work her magic. What an array of

perfection we were presented for our selection a few days later. We’ll be giving

some to children, grandchildren, and great-children when we meet them this

weekend for the celebration.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the whole photography experience was the

quality of professional work we were able to find right here in our hometown.

Hazel Jay

Bigfork, MT

“Recently my wife wanted professional photos taken for our 50th anniversary. Like most men I was not excited to participate in a photo shoot but agreed to insure this would not be my last anniversary. What transpired was truly amazing; Shawna took our photographs around our home, in a variety of casual settings and captured not only two of us as we are, but the beauty of fall and our area. Shawna is an absolute delight to work with, very personable and very talented. 

We received the pictures yesterday and they are excellent. She shot us in a number of casual “poses” which is exactly what we requested and her eye for setting the shot is perfect. My apprehension was unfounded and the experience was fun; the results were beyond expectations. 

I recommend Shawna as a photographer for whatever your event is without hesitation. You will be pleased with her work I assure you.”

Sincerely Tom Jay
Bigfork MT


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